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Is Outdoor Water Filters for Malaysia Households?

A whole-house water filtration system offers protection throughout the home. This type of system is recommended even for those who have treated city or municipal water. Despite the fact that the authority regulates and sets standards for public drinking water, many Malaysians use a home water treatment unit to remove contaminants.

You might want to think about installing a water filtration system if you use well water or live in a remote area without access to municipally treated water.

In Malaysia, the majority of tap and well water is moderately to heavily contaminated by environmental and industrial pollution. No matter where the water comes from – a lake, river, glacier, or well – it has been contaminated to some extent. The number of beaches and swimming areas that have recently been closed or restricted due to bacterial levels serves as an excellent illustration of this.

For houses with municipal or city water, the same is valid. Even if municipal water supplies are treated, dangerous chemicals like lead and chlorine are still a possibility. Agricultural chemicals, hazardous household products, and disease-producing pathogens can contaminate water from private wells or public water supplies. 

In these situations, you should think about installing a whole-house filtration system to give you added security from all of the water sources in your house. According to some studies, clean water can make your food like keto chocolate cake taste even better. In addition to being ingested, many contaminants can also be absorbed or inhaled.

Most of the time, the levels of contaminants are not high enough to immediately sicken people, but they are more likely to have long-term consequences on their health. These effects show up several years after being repeatedly exposed to a pollutant in little doses. Although installing whole-house filtration systems might be more expensive, you’ll need to weigh the long-term expense versus the peace of mind. 

The Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System

1. Enjoy Clean Water at All Times

Having contaminated drinking water might have serious repercussions. Harmful components like heavy metals can have serious health impacts and cause your water to taste bad. You’re wisely investing in your family’s health if you filter your water with a home water filtration system that works. 

2. Save Money

The cost of purchasing bottled water for your family to use at home can soon mount. The annual expense for a household of four who drinks 2-3 bottles of water per day can easily reach RM500. After you install a water filtration system in your house, that money can be quickly recovered.

3. Reduce Potential Plumbing Issues

Water containing minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals can corrode and damage your pipes and water-using appliances. You can extend the life of your pipes, hot water heaters, and other home appliances by removing these potentially damaging factors at the source.

4. Help Preserve Our Environment

Plastic bottles make up a sizable portion of the plastic waste stream, and you’re probably already aware of the increasing costs that our society’s heavy reliance on plastic is placing on the environment. Even if you are careful when disposing of plastic bottles, there is no guarantee that your used plastic bottles will be recycled. Reducing plastic bottles can help to solve this issue.