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How to make your trip to Majorca more interesting?

Majorca is the largest island of Spain. It is also the second most populated island in Spain, and it attracts a lot of tourists every year. Majorca is home to some of the most eye captivating sandy beaches, cycling routes, limestones mountains, beautiful towns, scenic and beautiful coastal drives and a bunch of fresh produce along with much more. Thus, you have a lot to indulge yourself into while you are visiting Majorca. There won’t be much time to get bored. Majorca is a perfect island to rent a car. The roads are nice and it is easy to drive on the island. You can compare prices on car hire here: https://www.autospain.co.uk/en-the-island-majorca/. There are man car rental companies on the island and the prices are low.


Here are the best things that you can do and visit while you are at this island, so you can spice up your tour and enjoy!

Explore the Historical Town of Palma De Mallorca

The Palma De Mallorca is filled with some of the best cafes, high-end shopping malls and vibrant vibes run through this place. This place is filled with art and culture and has a lot to explore. The most impressive and beautiful cathedral in this town is The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma. It is usually known as La Seu by the residents. However, you must keep in mind that Palma’s climate is scorching in the day time. Thus, the best time to explore this town is either early morning or after the peak noon hours. In the evening, many restaurants light up this town and a very joyful environment is experienced.

Snorkel at Santa Catalina

One of the best and most incredible ways to enjoy your time at Mallorca is to Snorkel. Snorkel and relax in Mallorca with some fantastic food and wine. There are a lot of companies which offer you half-day and full-day services for snorkelling and planning out the day. Santa Catalina plans your entire day for you. You can head off to snorkel at 9.30 and return by lunchtime to some of the most delicious meals. It is the perfect definition of an exciting day!

Roam through the streets of Soller and Just ENJOY!

Soller is a fantastic place to visit while you are in Majorca. You might have to struggle a bit to reach here, but that is the fun right! You get to see a lot during the journey, and when you get there, you are going to love the vibe of this town. Soller is filled with farmhouses and cottages. This place is so unique due to its authenticity that having a stroll through it and taking some beautiful photos is going to be fun. You will also interact with the locals here as they carry fresh produce to their homes.


The main street of Soller is the Plaza Constitucio. This place is filled with cute cafés, pretty ice cream stores and has an eye-catching architecture. You will adore the sight of the typical Spanish apartments, and we would recommend you to take some pictures with them because they are really aesthetic.

Visit Calo Des Moro

Calo Des Moro is going to make you fall in love with the phrase that tells you to fall in love with the journey rather than the destination. This beach is one of the most photographed beaches in Majorca, Spain. Thus, you know that you definitely have to visit it, right? The difficult and the fun part is reaching here. The directions are a little complicated, so we would suggest you set off early in the morning so that you arrive there on time. Once you park the car, it is best if you follow the crowds towards the water. It is going to be more comfortable.


Mallorca has a lot for you to discover and explore. To make sure that your visit in entertaining and full of life, you need to head out to snorkel and visit the Calo Des Moro beach for sure. You can also visit the Formentor beach and go to the Mondrago Natural Park. Also, if you are looking for a great place to have lunch, then we would suggest you dine out at Santanyi for once!