Are you in need of an expert company that works in toxicologic pathology? Because you work in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry and your new products need testing? In that case, rely on the experts from Global Pathology Support. This Dutch company has a broad expertise when it comes to toxicologic pathology and preclinical safety testing for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. They focus on histopathology assessment, but also offer histology and immunohistochemistry services. Pathologist Bob Thoolen has many years of extensive training, education and experience and is surrounded by a professional team. This ensures that all work carried out on your behalf happens efficiently, thoroughly and in a timely fashion.

How does it work?

How does toxicologic pathology help to assess the safety of chemicals and pharmaceuticals? By combining the study of diseases, pathology, with the study of chemicals and their effects on humans, animals and the environment. The latter is known as toxicology. The emphasis with toxicologic pathology lies in identifying pathological changes and assigning relevance to them. Most importantly is identifying how relevant the results of animal testing are with regards to human application. Toxicologic pathology is able to identify over 90% of adverse effects by testing pharmaceuticals on rodent and non-rodent species. However, interpreting the results of these tests and extrapolating a proper safety assessment from them requires experience and expert knowledge, which Global Pathology Support can offer you.

Why toxicologic pathology matters

Toxicologic pathology testing of chemicals and pharmaceuticals may sound unnecessary to some. However, history has already shown the importance of pathology work on pharmaceuticals. With proper testing the disastrous effects of thalidomide on babies in utero would have been detected before the drug become available on the market. The same is true for the carcinogenic effects of pesticides such as DDT when they find their way into the human diet. Toxicologic pathology matters because it provides an insight into the safety of the products it studies. So, do not hesitate to contact Global Pathology Support to carry out a thorough safety assessment of your chemicals and pharmaceuticals.